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Export and import of Russia by goods and countries

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«Coffee, tea, maté and spices»

«Vegetable products / Coffee, tea, maté and spices»

«June, 2016 - June, 2017»

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1. Consolidated information:

Import to Russia goods from the group «Coffee, tea, maté and spices» for the period June, 2016 - June, 2017 amounted to $1.3 B., total weight 410 K tons.
Mainly imported «Coffee» (48%), «Tea, whether or not flavoured» (44%).
In the structure of imports by country (goods from the group «Coffee, tea, maté and spices») at the first place Vietnam (16%), in second place Sri Lanka (14%).

2. Total results by months

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June, 2016$88 M
July, 2016$85 M
August, 2016$98.7 M
September, 2016$103 M
October, 2016$110 M
November, 2016$110 M
December, 2016$101 M
January, 2017$79 M
February, 2017$92.9 M
March, 2017$102 M
April, 2017$106 M
May, 2017$117 M
June, 2017$105 M
Total:$1.3 B

3. Weight, totals by months

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PeriodWeight, tons.
June, 201627.5 K
July, 201626.6 K
August, 201632.7 K
September, 201634.3 K
October, 201634.8 K
November, 201634.9 K
December, 201630.9 K
January, 201726.4 K
February, 201729.3 K
March, 201732 K
April, 201733.7 K
May, 201735.7 K
June, 201731.1 K
Total:410 K

4. Structure of imports:

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Group productJun, 2016Jun, 2017Ch.∑ (Jun, 2016-Jun, 2017)Ratio
02 0901: Coffee$34.9 M$53.7 M54%$619 M47.7%
02 0902: Tea, whether or not flavoured$45.7 M$41.4 M9%$572 M44.1%
02 0903: Maté$4.75 K$17.8 K274%$239 K0%
02 0904: Pepper of the genus Piper$5 M$6.6 M32%$55.4 M4.3%
02 0905: Vanilla$44.9 K$24.4 K46%$526 K0%
02 0906: Cinnamon and cinnamon-tree flowers$116 K$280 K141%$3.3 M0.3%
02 0907: Cloves $51.5 K$372 K622%$2.9 M0.2%
02 0908: Nutmeg, mace and cardamoms$81.1 K$249 K208%$1.5 M0.1%
02 0909: Seeds of anise, badian, fennel, coriander, cumin or caraway; juniper berries$535 K$281 K48%$5.2 M0.4%
02 0910: Ginger, saffron, turmeric , thyme, bay leaves, curry and other spices$1.5 M$2.2 M42%$38.3 M3%
Total:$88 M$105 M$1.3 B100%

5. «Coffee, tea, maté and spices» is imported into Russia from the following countries:

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Country∑ (Jun, 2016-Jun, 2017)Ratio
1Vietnam$207 M16%
2Sri Lanka$181 M13.9%
3India$168 M13%
4Brazil$109 M8.4%
5Indonesia$104 M8%
6China$85.5 M6.6%
7Kenya$77.3 M6%
8Italy$76.6 M5.9%
9Germany$35.6 M2.7%
10United Arab Emirates$29.1 M2.2%
11Switzerland$27.7 M2.1%
12Colombia$26.4 M2%
13Honduras$16 M1.2%
14Ethiopia$13.7 M1.1%
15Tanzania$12.7 M1%
16Peru$8.5 M0.7%
17Poland$7.8 M0.6%
18Kazakhstan$7.1 M0.5%
19Netherlands$7 M0.5%
20Uganda$6.4 M0.5%
 The total for all countries:$1.3 B100%