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Export and import of Russia by goods and countries

Import to North Western Federal District from United States

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1. Consolidated information:

Import to North Western Federal District from United States for the period October, 2016 - October, 2017 amounted to $1.83 B.
Mainly imported «Hidden partition» (31%), «Vehicles, aircraft, vessels and associated transport equipment» (19%).
In the structure of imports by country at the first place China (17%), in second place Germany (10%). United States for Russia is a partner number 4 with a share 4.8%.

2. Total results by months

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October, 2016$117 M
November, 2016$183 M
December, 2016$182 M
January, 2017$91.9 M
February, 2017$128 M
March, 2017$160 M
April, 2017$155 M
May, 2017$120 M
June, 2017$209 M
July, 2017$117 M
August, 2017$106 M
September, 2017$120 M
October, 2017$145 M
Total:$1.83 B

3. Structure of imports:

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Group productOct, 2016Oct, 2017Ch.∑ (Oct, 2016-Oct, 2017)Ratio
01 : Live animals; animal products$201 K$124 K38%$1.8 M0.1%
02 : Vegetable products$574 K$260 K55%$8 M0.4%
03 : Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their cleavage products$38.6 K$5.87 K85%$104 K0%
04 : Prepared foodstuffs; beverages, spirits and vinegar; tobacco$7.5 M$5.8 M22%$110 M6%
05 : Mineral products$264 K$385 K46%$8.1 M0.4%
06 : Products of the chemical or allied industries$7.6 M$16.1 M111%$165 M9%
07 : Plastics and articles thereof; rubber and articles thereof$5.4 M$6.8 M26%$64.2 M3.5%
08 : Raw hides and skins, leather, furskins and articles thereof; travel goods, handbag$9.24 K$37.7 K308%$464 K0%
09 : Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal; cork and articles of cork$19.4 K$12.3 K37%$274 K0%
10 : Pulp of wood; recovered paper and articles thereof$861 K$1.4 M64%$12.7 M0.7%
11 : Textiles and textile articles$5.2 M$2.3 M55%$41 M2.2%
12 : Footwear, headgear, umbrellas, sun umbrellas, seat-sticks, whips and parts thereof$14 K$26.9 K93%$270 K0%
13 : Articles of stone, plaster, cement, asbestos or similar; ceramic products; glass and glassware$1.4 M$1.7 M17%$18.2 M1%
14 : Natural or cultured pearls, precious stones, precious metals; imitation jewellery; coin$14.8 K$62.1 K319%$333 K0%
15 : Base metals and articles of base metal$2.7 M$4.4 M64%$40 M2.2%
16 : Machinery and mechanical appliances; electrical equipment; sound and television$18.3 M$28.2 M54%$317 M17.3%
17 : Vehicles, aircraft, vessels and associated transport equipment$22.2 M$34.1 M54%$340 M18.5%
18 : Optical, photographic, measuring, musical, medical instruments and apparatus; clocks$6.8 M$6.5 M5%$98.9 M5.4%
19 : Arms and ammunition; parts and accessories thereof------------0
20 : Miscellaneous manufactured articles$2.2 M$2.9 M33%$37.7 M2.1%
21 : Works of art, collectors' pieces and antiques$2.78 K---100%$3.9 K0%
22 : Hidden partition$35.2 M$33.9 M3%$569 M31%
Total:$117 M$145 M$1.83 B100%

4. Except for United States, «All products» is imported into North Western Federal District from the following countries:

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Country∑ (Oct, 2016-Oct, 2017)Ratio
1China$6.32 B16.7%
2Germany$3.59 B9.5%
3South Korea$3.06 B8.1%
4United States$1.83 B4.8%
5Finland$1.66 B4.4%
6Brazil$1.51 B4%
7Japan$1.44 B3.8%
8Italy$1.39 B3.7%
9Belarus$1.19 B3.1%
10France$1.1 B2.9%
11Poland$966 M2.5%
12Slovakia$872 M2.3%
13Czech Republic$693 M1.8%
14India$685 M1.8%
15Spain$646 M1.7%
16Paraguay$643 M1.7%
17United Kingdom$561 M1.5%
18Netherlands$551 M1.5%
19Taiwan$482 M1.3%
20Ecuador$469 M1.2%
 The total for all countries:$38 B100%