Ru-Stat: Export and import of Russia by goods and countries.

Export and import of Russia by goods and countries

Trade between Far Eastern Federal District and Cyprus

«Miscellaneous manufactured articles»

«October, 2016 - October, 2017»

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1. Consolidated information:

Trade between Far Eastern Federal District and Cyprus goods from the group «Miscellaneous manufactured articles» for the period October, 2016 - October, 2017 absent.
In the structure of trade turnover by country (goods from the group «Miscellaneous manufactured articles») at the first place China (78%), in second place Japan (6%).

2. Total results by months

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October, 2016---
November, 2016---
December, 2016---
January, 2017---
February, 2017---
March, 2017---
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October, 2017---

3. Far Eastern Federal District's trade by product «Miscellaneous manufactured articles» with other countries:

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Country∑ (Oct, 2016-Oct, 2017)Ratio
1China$182 M77.6%
2Japan$13 M5.6%
3Hungary$13 M5.5%
4South Korea$5.6 M2.4%
5United States$3.2 M1.3%
6Belarus$2.5 M1%
7Taiwan$2 M0.8%
8France$1.9 M0.8%
9Canada$1.6 M0.7%
10United Kingdom$1.5 M0.7%
11Malaysia$1.4 M0.6%
12Austria$1.2 M0.5%
13Finland$1.2 M0.5%
14Hong Kong SAR China$880 K0.4%
15Italy$524 K0.2%
16Germany$508 K0.2%
17Netherlands$427 K0.2%
18Indonesia$319 K0.1%
19Vietnam$209 K0.1%
20Saudi Arabia$174 K0.1%
 The total for all countries:$235 M100%