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Export and import of Russia by goods and countries

Export from Russia to Iraq

«Hidden partition»

«April, 2017 - April, 2018»

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1. Consolidated information:

Export from Russia to Iraq goods from the group «Hidden partition» for the period April, 2017 - April, 2018 amounted to $1.2 B., total weight 3.53 K tons.
Mainly exported «Secret code» (100%).
In the structure of exports by countries (goods from the group «Hidden partition») at the first place Germany (19%), in second place Turkey (9%). Iraq for Russia is a partner number 13 with a share 2%.

2. Total results by months

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April, 2017---
May, 2017$14.7 M
June, 2017---
July, 2017$33.7 M
August, 2017---
September, 2017$46.5 M
October, 2017---
November, 2017---
December, 2017$1.06 B
January, 2018---
February, 2018---
March, 2018---
April, 2018$42.4 M
Total:$1.2 B

3. Weight, totals by months

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PeriodWeight, tons.
April, 2017---
May, 20174.7
June, 2017---
July, 2017283
August, 2017---
September, 201729.5
October, 2017---
November, 2017---
December, 20173.03 K
January, 2018---
February, 2018---
March, 2018---
April, 2018183
Total:3.53 K

4. Structure of exports:

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Group productApr, 2017Apr, 2018Ch.∑ (Apr, 2017-Apr, 2018)Ratio
22 SS: Secret code---$42.4 M---$1.2 B100%
Total:---$42.4 M$1.2 B100%

5. Except for Iraq, «Hidden partition» is exported from Russia in the following countries:

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Country∑ (Apr, 2017-Apr, 2018)Ratio
1Germany$11.2 B18.6%
2Turkey$5.49 B9.2%
3Italy$4.99 B8.3%
4United Kingdom$3.39 B5.7%
5Algeria$3.25 B5.4%
6France$3.14 B5.2%
7Belarus$3.06 B5.1%
8Egypt$2.55 B4.2%
9Austria$2.27 B3.8%
10China$1.71 B2.9%
11Netherlands$1.51 B2.5%
12Czech Republic$1.39 B2.3%
13Iraq$1.2 B2%
14Poland$1.2 B2%
15India$1.13 B1.9%
16Hungary$1.08 B1.8%
17United States$1.01 B1.7%
18Finland$730 M1.2%
19Greece$695 M1.2%
20Vietnam$671 M1.1%
 The total for all countries:$60 B100%