Ru-Stat: Export and import of Russia by goods and countries.

Export and import of Russia by goods and countries

Export from Russia

«Copper plates, sheets and strip, of a thickness >0,15 mm»

«Copper and articles thereof / Copper plates, sheets and strip, of a thickness exceeding 0,15 mm»

«3rd quarter, 2016 - 3rd quarter, 2017»

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1. Consolidated information:

Export from Russia goods from the group «Copper plates, sheets and strip, of a thickness >0,15 mm» for the period 3rd quarter, 2016 - 3rd quarter, 2017 amounted to $20.3 M., total weight 3.22 K tons.
Mainly exported «Of refined copper, Other» (51%), «Of copper-zinc base alloys , In coils» (17%).
In the structure of exports by countries (goods from the group «Copper plates, sheets and strip, of a thickness >0,15 mm») at the first place Belarus (44%), in second place Ukraine (25%).

2. Total results by quarters

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3rd quarter, 2016$4.1 M
4th quarter, 2016$3.1 M
1st quarter, 2017$4.1 M
2nd quarter, 2017$4.9 M
3rd quarter, 2017$4.1 M
Total:$20.3 M

3. Weight, totals by quarters

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PeriodWeight, tons.
3rd quarter, 2016745
4th quarter, 2016566
1st quarter, 2017589
2nd quarter, 2017712
3rd quarter, 2017606
Total:3.22 K

4. Structure of exports:

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Group productQ3 2016Q3 2017Ch.∑ (Q3 2016-Q3 2017)Ratio
15 740911: Of refined copper, In coils$302 K$240 K20%$1.5 M7.2%
15 740919: Of refined copper, Other$2 M$2 M1%$10.5 M51.5%
15 740921: Of copper-zinc base alloys , In coils$803 K$714 K11%$3.4 M16.6%
15 740929: Of copper-zinc base alloys , Other$795 K$716 K10%$3.3 M16%
15 740931: Of copper-tin base alloys , In coils$167 K$209 K25%$1.2 M5.9%
15 740939: Of copper-tin base alloys , Other$16.4 K$82.7 K405%$187 K0.9%
15 740940: Of copper-nickel base alloys or copper-nickel-zinc base alloys $391$141 K36010%$168 K0.8%
15 740990: Of other copper alloys$21.8 K$39.1 K79%$223 K1.1%
Total:$4.1 M$4.1 M$20.3 M100%

5. «Copper plates, sheets and strip, of a thickness >0,15 mm» is exported from Russia in the following countries:

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Country∑ (Q3 2016-Q3 2017)Ratio
1Belarus$8.9 M44%
2Ukraine$5 M24.8%
3Kazakhstan$4.8 M23.8%
4Bulgaria$429 K2.1%
5Kyrgyzstan$236 K1.2%
6Armenia$121 K0.6%
7Georgia$120 K0.6%
8Moldova$119 K0.6%
9Uzbekistan$81.3 K0.4%
10India$68.3 K0.3%
11Brazil$64.9 K0.3%
12Serbia$53.6 K0.3%
13United Kingdom$51.9 K0.3%
14Japan$35.6 K0.2%
15Azerbaijan$29.8 K0.1%
16Estonia$17.7 K0.1%
17France$13.9 K0.1%
18China$10.6 K0.1%
19Romania$9.39 K0%
20Germany$8.79 K0%
 The total for all countries:$20.3 M100%