Ru-Stat: Export and import of Russia by goods and countries.

Export and import of Russia by goods and countries

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 More than 10,000 items from the entire item (FEA) of Russia
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 253 countries of the world from Abkhazia to Zimbabwe 9 federal districts
 92 regions of Russia from the Altai Territory to the Yaroslavl Region
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 Data from january, 2013 to december, 2018.
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5 Simple Steps to Get Started:

Step #1: Choose a region of Russia or leave "Russia" for accounting in all regions.


Federal district


Step #2: Choose the direction of movement of goods.

Step #3: Select a country or leave "The whole world" for accounting for all countries of the world.

The whole world:


Step #4: Select a period.

December, 2017 - June, 2018

Step #5: Get the results of the selection and by groups reach the desired product: